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19 Hiragana charts: From basic to advanced with free worksheet

As a beginner in learning Japanese, you need to walk through one of the most basic lessons: the Hiragana. Charts and worksheets are unquestionably needed and the resources for such basic knowledge are not rare. However, whether it is a trusted source or not is a big question.

So here we provide you with 16 Hiragana charts from basic to advanced, with worksheets for download, without worksheets, and more so you can freely choose and download PDF for yourself what to use as your learning material. Also, they are all authentic information that has been carefully checked.

Basic Hiragana charts

Additional Hiragana chart

Full Hiragana charts

Basic Hiragana chart

These basic Hiragana charts feature the essential 46 characters from row あ to row ん, making them ideal for beginners. They are readily available online and serve as invaluable tools for those just starting their Japanese language journey. For complete beginners who have been learning Japanese in less than a week, these Hiragana charts are highly recommended.

Besides downloading these charts, you should try MochiKana – Learn Hiragana to learn Hiragana characters from basic to advanced. MochiKana helps you memorize the Japanese alphabet in just one week by reminding you to review at “Golden Time” – the best time to revise knowledge. It is designed especially for starters with step-by-step learning paths. Each character has complete studying aspects such as flashcards, writing, multiple choice, and practice tests systematically. Give it a free try today!

Basic Hiragana charts with 46 characters

These are just basic Hiragana charts with no other special features added to them. If you simply need a basic chart for printing and displaying in your workspace, feel free to choose one from these.

Hiragana chart

Click to download the basic Hiragana chart

Japanese Hiragana chart

Click to download the basic Hiragana chart

Basic Hiragana Chart

Click to download Basic Hiragana chart

Hiragana chart originated as simplified forms of similar-pronunciation of Chinese characters. This chart shows the origins of each Hiragana character, or the Kanji that a Hiragana came from.

Hiragana chart origins

Click to download Hiragana chart with origins

Basic Hiragana chart with practice section

This is also a basic Hiragana chart but with a practice section so that you can also try writing the character according to the hint. Feel free to download and print them out.

Download the Hiragana worksheet for practicing

Hiragana chart with stroke orders

This chart not only helps you learn Hiragana but also enables you to practice writing in the correct order, which is crucial for beginners. Mastering the accurate stroke order from the starting point is essential for building a strong foundation in Japanese writing. It enhances your writing speed and efficiency as you progress. Access the sheet through the download link below and begin your Hiragana practice journey today.

Hiragana chart with stroke order

Download Hiragana chart with detailed stroke orders

Hiragana chart with stroke order

Download Hiragana chart with detailed stroke orders

Hiragana chart using mnemonic

Learning using mnemonics is a strategy that assists learners in linking new information with familiar or easier-to-recall concepts. By combining this technique with learning Hiragana, learners can enhance their ability to remember and recall them effectively. If you’re seeking a Hiragana mnemonic chart, we have one available below for you to save and utilize at your convenience.

Hiragana chart mnemonics

Download Mnenonics Hiragana chart

You also can imagine Hiragana characters with common things in daily life.

Hiragana menmonic chart

Download Hiragana mnemonic chart

Additional Hiragana charts

Besides 36 basic characters, there are also some additional Hiragana characters, that’re called 濁音 (dakuon) and 半濁音 (handakuon); and 拗音 (yoon).

Dakuon and Handakuon

They are formed by adding double dots ( ゛) and circle ( ゜) to the upper right hand corner of certain hiragana. By adding ( ゛) – dakuten and ( ゜) – handakuten into Ka (か), Sa (さ), Ta (た) and Ha (は) row, we have the advanced Hiragana row Ga (が), Za (ざ), Da (だ), Ba (ば) and Pa (ぱ ) respectively. 

Dakuon and Handakuon chart

Download Dakuon & Handakuon chart

Hiragana combinations (Yoon)

Another group of additional Hiragana called 拗音 (youon) is formed by adding smaller version of ya, yu or yo (ゃ, ゅ or ょ) to hiragana ending in vowel i – き(ki), ぎ(gi), び(bi),し(shi), じ(ji), ち(chi), ぢ(ji), に(ni), ひ(hi), び(bi), ぴ(pi), み(mi) and り(ri). See the hiragana chart below.

Hiragana combination chart

Download Hiragana combination

Full Hiragana charts

Unlike basic Hiragana charts, these charts include additional charts which people usually call advanced Hiragana charts. In the Hiragana advanced chart, learners will be introduced to terms like Dakuten-Handakuten, Dakuon-Handakuon, and Yoon.

These charts are usually for learners who have already been introduced to the 46 basic characters of Hiragana and proceed to learn more complex syllables that exist in the Japanese language system.

Full Hiragana charts with Dakuon Dakuten and Yoon

These are just ordinary full Hiragana charts without special features or worksheets attached. Feel free to access them in the link below.

Hiragana chart full

Download Hiragana chart with full characters PDF

Hiragana chart pdf

Download Hiragana chart with full characters PDF

Advanced Hiragana chart

Download advanced Hiragana chart for free PDF

Full hiragana chart

Download advanced Hiragana chart for free PDF

Complete Hiragana chart

Download complete hiragana chart here for free PDF

Hiragana chart
Advanced Hiragana chart

Download separate basic and advanced Hiragana chart

Hiragana chart with dakuten

Download the Hiragana charts for free PDF

Full Hiragana charts with worksheets and practice sheets

Here are some full Hiragana charts with practice worksheets, feel free to print them out and try them out.

Hiragana chart printable

Download the Hiragana charts printable PDF

How to learn Hiragana?

Hiragana charts won’t teach you Hiragana. They could be useful materials that help you looking for a character quickly. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you learn and memorize all Hiragana characters in just one week! Let’s try MochiKana – Learn Hiragana – a great technique for anyone who want to start learning Japanese.

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