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How does Mochi Chinese help you learn Chinese better?

How does Mochi Chinese help you learn Chinese better?

Is Chinese really as difficult to learn as you think? With Mochi Chinese, the answer is no! Chinese can be easy to learn and memorize, especially with the support of Mochi Chinese. Let’s find out how Mochi Chinese can help you learn Chinese better!

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1. How does our brain memorize and forget a new word?

We all understand the importance of building a strong vocabulary base. But while learning Chinese vocabulary takes up an amount of time and effort, you might forget them in the blink of an eye.

So how can we ensure new words are imprinted in your long-term memory?

Let’s take a look at the Forgetting Curve below. This curve is the production of German psychologist Hermann Ebbinghaus which demonstrates how our retention of knowledge weakens over time without revisioning.

Hermann Ebbinghaus’s Forgetting Curve.

Spaced Repetition is research-proven the most powerful technique for strengthening one’s memory. Remember all the lessons you frantically crammed the night before your exam but faded away a few days later? We don’t want our users to just merely pass a test like that.  In opposition to the “cramming” method, by which you can learn information in a short period but will forget soon afterward, Spaced Repetition method asks you to revise material at systematic intervals. The most effective time to revise is when your brain is about to forget. By learning at that specific moment, you can improve your memory by ten times.

The technique of Spaced Repetition.

2. MochiMochi suggests your right time to revise Chinese words

The Golden Time

The time you are about to forget what you learned is called “The Golden time”.

Based on your learning history, Mochi will calculate the golden time to review your words. At that specific time, the Mochi Chinese reminds you to run through what you learned to maximize learning efficiency. 

Instead of wasting a lot of time revising, you only need to follow the learning process that Mochi personalized for you.

5 levels of memorization

Mochi also categorizes your vocabulary into different groups according to 5 different memory stages. And then provides a study strategy relevant to each individual user.

Thanks to this system, you could spend less time in the word you already knew and have more time to invest in the one you find difficult to remember.

Learning new words couldn’t be more fun!

We believe when it comes to learning, students will make the most out of joy and happiness. Therefore, an engaging web with playful animation and illustration images like Mochi Chinese would be a perfect assistant. Real-world examples are also provided to make sure you get the know-how to use a word precisely.

Note: The more you learn, the more accurate the suggestions will be. Using MochiMochi for at least seven days, you will be surprised by your result. 

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