How does MochiMochi help you learn Kanji better?

1: How does our brain memorize and forget a Kanji?

While learning Kanji takes up an unbelievable amount of time and effort, you might forget them in the blink of an eye.

But why?

The research of Hermann Ebbinghaus in 1884 shows that you will fail to recall 70% of what you learned if you do not revise it within 24 hours. Even if you could run through your new knowledge in the mentioned timeframe, reviewing right after learning barely enhances your memory.

The Ebbinghaus’ Forgetting Curve. Source: CambridgeCoaching

According to the research, the most effective time to revise is when your brain is about to forget. By learning at that specific moment, you can improve your memory by ten times.

Learn and revise “the right words at the right time” help you enhance your memory 10 times
Source: CambridgeCoaching

Long story short, when it comes to memorizing Kanji better, timing is the key.

2. MochiMochi suggests your right time to learn Kanji

MochiMochi analyzes your learning history, for example: how hard you find a Kanji, how fast you can recall it, how accurate were your answers, etc. to divide your Kanji into five levels:

  • Level 1: Forget after 24 hours without revising
  • Level 2: Forget after 7 days without revising
  • Level 3 (short-term memory): Forget after 1 month without revising
  • Level 4: Forget after 3 months without revising
  • Level 5 (long-term memory): Forget after 6 months without revising

MochiMochi’s algorithm predicts the golden time and reminds you to run through your words to maximize learning efficiency. Instead of wasting a lot of time revising, you only need to follow the learning process that MochiMochi personalized for you.

Note: The more you learn, the more accurate the suggestions will be. Using MochiMochi for at least seven days and you will be surprised by your result. You can master 1000 Kanji and Japanese vocabulary in just one month with MochiMochi!

Give it a try: MochiMochi on AppStore

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