How do I turn on MochiMochi notifications?

It is important to turn on notifications when using MochiMochi since our feature, the Golden Time, is informed through the device notifications system. Therefore, MochiMochi will guide you through each step of how to get MochiMochi notices on your device.

Note: If you have trouble following our instructions, let our support team help you!

1. How to allow MochiMochi notifications on your mobile device

Turn on MochiMochi notifications on Android system

Please go to Setting > Notifications > See all: and then find MochiMochi app icon > turn on.

got o notification in setting
Go to setting > notification
see all
Notification > see all
turn on notification for MochiMochi app
Turn on MochiMochi notice

Turn on MochiMochi notifications on iOS system

Turn on automatically following app suggestions after installing or you can turn on app notification manually by:
go to setting find MochiMochi app icon > Notification > Allow notifications.

notification on IOS
Setting > notification
Turn on MochiMochi notifications
Find MochiMochi app icon
allow MochiMochi notifications
Choose to allow notifications

2. How to allow MochiMochi notifications on your PC

To turn on notifications on your PC, you have to turn on push notifications of your browser first, and then turn on the browser notifications on your device.

Step 1: Allow MochiMochi notifications on your browser:

First, let’s open MochiMochi on your browser, click “Turn on notice of Golden Time” > Turn on notice > Allow notification

"turn on notice of the golden time" button
Turn on Notice
turn on notice
Turn on notice

allow notifications on your browser
Allow notification

If the allow notifications message does not appear, open site information at the search bar > turn on “Allow notifications”

manually allow notification on your browser
Allow notification on your browser

Step 2: turn on device’s notifications:

If you are using MochiMochi on the Windows system

Go to Setting > system > notifications & action: find “Get these notifications from sender”: find the right browser and turn on notifications.

turn on notifications on window system
Allow notification on Window

If you are using MochiMochi on macOS system

Go to Apple menu > System Preferences > Notifications: turn on notifications of the browser you use MochiMochi on.

turn on notifications on macOS system
Allow notification on macOS

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