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  • Golden Time helps you memorize effectively.
  • Effortless learning with interactive games. Lively images and audios help you memorize more easily.
  • Classifies words according to your memory level. You can review only the words you need in just 15 minutes each day.
Learn 1000+ Kanji in 1 just month


Differences from similar App

Memorizing effectively with "GOLDEN TIME"

Golden Time is the moment right before you forget your vocabulary. Learning at Golden Time helps you learn less, memorize more effectively. Using special algorithms, MochiKanji analyzes your learning history and reminds you to review at "Golden Time"

Easy to maintain your learning routine

Easy to start
The vocabulary is divided into small topics with lively images and audios to help you remember vocabulary in just a short time.
Easy to keep track
MochiKanji categorizes vocabulary according to memorization level.
Therefore, you can know exactly how many words you learned and the
memorization level of each word.
Easy to maintain
You just have to learn about 10~15mins a day anywhere or anytime you
want. This is the easiest way for you to keep learning Japanese.

Joyful learning experience

MochiKanji is designed with bright colors to bring you a positive, energetic feeling. The super cute MochiKanji will follow you in the learning process wherever you are.

Usage fee

You could use 3 free trial lessons to understand how MochiKanji works.
If you want to unlock all lessons, you will need to upgrade to MochiKanji Premium Account.

Premium Account Fee:
$29.99 / 1 year, $69.99 / 3 year (tax included)

User Review (42)

This Really helps my Daughter's learning ability in Japanese Language. Now it's been 4 months, she began speaking fluently. Recommend to download this now. All Vocabularies are Better and Kanji Characters are all complete.
very helpful and i enjoyed learning Japanese using this app!
CRESENCIO RATILLA November 13, 2021
Bibble Insane December 26, 2021
Simple and I love it.
Léon亜錬パウル January 5, 2022
This dunks on duolingo any day of the week. learned more in 1 hour than I did in 1 month of duolingo.
Amaury Rios January 11, 2022