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  • Golden Time helps you memorize effectively.
  • Effortless learning with interactive games. Lively images and audios help you memorize more easily.
  • Classifies words according to your memory level. You can review only the words you need in just 15 minutes each day.

Differences from similar App

Memorizing effectively with "GOLDEN TIME"

This is the most special and unique feature of MochiMochi. The "Golden Time" feature is based on "Spaced Repetition" - an effective learning method which is proven and widely applied around the world. 
Based on your learning history, MochiMochi will calculate and remind you to revise new words and Kanji at "The Golden Time" - the time your brain can memorize the best. 
During revision time, you will have to do small quizzes about your learned vocabulary. If you pass those quizzes, your vocabulary will be leveled up. On the other hand, if you fail to remember a particular word, that word will be pushed down to level 1, and you will have to level it up again in the next revision time.
There are 5 levels in total, words at lower levels will have more revision schedules than those at higher levels.
This feature helps you understand how Spaced Repetition works, and keep track your learning progress easily.

5 levels of memorization 

Diversity of Courses
MochiMochi - Learn Kanji covers full of Kanji and vocabulary from N5-N2 for JLPT exam, Japanese communication and specialized vocabulary courses such as IT, Nursing...for many several needs. Each courses divides into many lessons/ topics and each topic includes about 10-15 words. It's easy to start and maintain learning process.

For MochiMochi - Learn English, you can find courses about IELTS, TOEIC, Basic words or vocabulary courses for high school students. There are 4 languages you can choose: Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai and Korean. 

Usage fee

You could use 3 free trial lessons to understand how MochiMochi works.
If you want to unlock all lessons, you will need to upgrade to MochiMochi Premium Account.

Premium Account Fee:
$29.99 / 1 year, $69.99 / 3 year (tax included)

User Review (42)

You can easily do it in your spare time or while commuting to school by train, and the app will divide the words you are not good at, so you can efficiently memorize words that you haven't remembered yet, which is useful!
Recommended for learning English words! You can even study for TOEIC if you want to take an exam! Since it is a choice question format, you can do it with one hand, so it is easy to learn even on a bus or train while going to and from school.
It is recommended for examinees because it allows you to memorize English words quickly. I think there are various convenient functions that can be used. Personally, I get the impression that it is easy to study because the mochi characters support me cutely.
ミサキメイ 6 month ago
平原杉本 1y ago

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tsukichan23 1 month ago